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This extra cut of the "At the Top of the World Video" was assembled by Kerry Porter (Frontman Video). It's Basically the same as the official but features some raw "prep" footage and some of the live audio. Thanks to Nick and Ralf Saldivar also for their excellent assistance, Theresa Terrell, and our friends at Jet Source for the privilege. Featured are: Rudy Saldivar(Bass),  Josh Chierichetti (Guitar) Marty Banas (Keys, Backing Vocals), Melissa Harrell (Backing Vocals) and Lee Saldivar (Drums, Lead Vocal), "At the Top of The World" was a collaboration by Josh (music) and Lee (lyric).

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Dredged from the archives of 1994, we revisit the single "Just Another Day" a single release written and performed by Lee Saldivar in 1993, when he was marketed as Brandon Lee (Saldivar), a Blue Moon Records artist. This video was filmed in early 1994 by LRS Productions, and debuted on "The Box" music television network in the Spring of 1994 to promote the single release. Extracted from a VHS tape, this example is of poor quality, but one of the only copies known to exist. All credits for the audio and video productions are listed below.

Video production services provided by LRS Productions, On-screen performers/actors: Lee Saldivar (Vocals) Damian Frost (Piano) Tom Cruse (Guitar),
Joe (Joey) DeLiddo (little boy) Michael Fulton (older boy) Mike Ellis (Father)

Audio recorded by Pete Wolf of Wolf Sound Audio (Fresno, Ca.) Track arranged/produced by Lee Saldivar, Pete Wolf, and Rudy Saldivar. The Brandon Lee band: Pete Wolf (Drums) Rudy Saldivar (Bass) Tom Cruse (Guitars) Damian Frost (Keys, Acoustic Guitar) Wes Davis (Trumpet) Tim Bird (Alto/Soprano Sax) Chris Harrison (Trombone) Debbi Ruud (B/G Vocals) Dawn Savory (B/G Vocals) Kim Walaschin (B/G Vocals)

Assisted by: Joe Saldivar Jr. and Frank Carrillo.

"Just Another Day" Written by Lee Saldivar - Copyright 1993 LRS Music Co., ASCAP. All rights reserved.



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