The Lyrics of Timeless

A Million Miles Away

Caught up in the world my father gave me
wrapped up in the grief of days gone by
Running for my life and never changing
a war between the heart, the soul and mind

A sentimental fool without a reason
regretting every chance I did not take
Hidden in a room with all the demons
it's the ties to all those fears that I must break

A million miles away is where you'll find me
away from all the darkness left inside
A million miles away and far behind me
the too familiar fears that stole my life

I'm a million miles away, I'm a million miles away

It doesn't mean my love for you has faded
you'll always be the reason I survived
The part of me I never would have traded
now the only thing I'm fighting for is time

Chorus Repeat


No Heroes

I see her walking past my window, a sadness in her eyes
a heavy bag across her shoulder, she's walked too many miles
And there's a man sits at the corner, his world has tumbled down
he sits in silence with his worries,  staring at the ground

I say a prayer, there are no heroes
I say a prayer, where are the heroes

He's just a boy you see he's had to, make a home out of the streets
he can't avoid the things he must do, just to have enough to eat
And the young girl whose endless tears, reflect the only life she's known
struggles to move beyond her fears, she had to face them on her own

I say a prayer, there are no heroes
I say a prayer, where are the heroes

If you should see them on the street do not condemn or put them down
someday it could be you in need, you'll get exactly what you've sewn

I say a prayer, there are no heroes
I say a prayer, where are the heroes

Written and Produced by Lee Saldivar - Meridian 65
Copyright 2014 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP


Find My Way Home

I can see the riverbanks from here
now that all the smoke has disappeared
and everything has changed

I have seen the bottom of the well
the only story I could ever tell
and you took all the blame

I didn't know the price I'd have to pay
living in the vacuum and the shame
for what I didn't know, I need to find my way home

Visions of the fortune I would grow
while pouring out the darkness of my soul
I'm sorry for the pain

To never see the colors of the day
blinded by the words I'd often say
I know that I was wrong, I need to find my way home

There's no getting back all the bad years of our lives
when I finally woke up and you were still here by my side
I was always the cause things that I could never see
niw I know which way to go, I need to find my way home

And now the waters flow with me
I'm following the river to the sea
with the lessons that I've learned

As open as the clearest summer sky
I'll have another chance to make it right
If you would come along, and we can find our way home


Here We Are

Break the silence won't you, tell me what you're thinking
leave me lost don't think you're there at all
No rhyme or reason you don't, seem to be too worried
leave me standing here and then you're gone

Paradise is lost, don't see how we can recover
fall from grace I guess the ties are lost
Can't imagine we could, think of starting over
Hard to say goodbye but, here we are

I'll be patient if you, need some time I wonder
if you even notice somethings wrong
I've deserted any, hope of understanding
too long too quiet, maybe it's all gone

Chorus Repeat

Written by Josh Chierichetti/Lee Saldivar


I Wrote I Love You On The Moon

Have you found your way to the sun
have your hopes and dreams all come true
It seems you finally may have lost your way
perhaps you pushed too hard too soon

And there's a silver light to replace the light of day
I send the best I have to you
I wrote I love you on the moon

When the road you've traveled seems too far
and a heaviness lies in your heart
it's deeper, further, darker than the sky
and each new day tears you apart

Chorus repeat


Copyright 2014 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP

What I Wish For You

I can sympathize with everything you've been through so far
and I apologize that life has made it all seem so hard
you lost the magic thinking you've seen better days
it's only tragic when you look at it that way

Not what I wish for you

I'd like to take you in my arms and give you everything you dream
you'd never know a broken heart and we would never disagree
There would be nothing left to prove or left to gain
you'd never compromise or be alone again

If I could, someway, take you, away with me
it wouldn't be too soon
And I would, make you, wake you, take you,
and you'd be over the moon
That's what I wish for you

The days go rolling by with full consideration of your life
we are unfolding through the years and never think about the time
it may take everything we have to make the grade
I'll meet you halfway carry you along the way

If I could,
Chorus repeat



Patience, time runs, the ticking of a clock,
the rythm of your heart
There's no, hiding, the waters you will cross,discover who you are,
and the peace you feel, if the faith is real


Longing, waiting, the story to unfold,
secrets to be told
Time moves, quickly, take in the road you're on
before the day is gone

and the peace you feel, when the faith is real


Discovering the truth
the mystery is you



Letting Go

Take your time you'll need the frame of mind, that will take you there
you've climbed the walls and walked the darkened halls that lead you to nowhere
In your mind are all the scars of times when you could not find your way
right or wrong you're good at holding on is it so hard to change

Well step into your life, it's there if you'll take it
I cannot live like this anymore,
If you should decide, you're not going to make it,
I'll have no choice but to let you go

Right back to yesterday were those the plans you made
can you not feel, what's in your heart
Haven't you had enough, what are you frightened of
it's time you played a different part,
It's time for letting go

Win or lose or if I'm slightly used it doesn't matter how it ends
this is my only time I need to feel alive before the walls start closing in
Have you lost faith in me, if I'm not what you need, you'll need to do this for yourself
we only have one chance to give it all we have, depend on no one else,

Chorus Repeat

We fight for our dreams, some things are forever but,
we push through the fears that remain
It's what you believe, there ain't no stopping now,
and tomorrow will not be the same

Chorus Repeat

Written and Produced by Lee Saldivar
Copyright 2014 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP


Riding The Rails

The bridges are burning, it's the only escape
leave the memories behind us, and a change in our wake
It was all just illusion, we created the tale
but the picture gets clearer, when you're riding the rails

It's cold and it's lonely, when your stubbornness fails
you can spare the confusion, when you're riding the rails


For So Long

I'm leaving it all behind me
like you ever cared at all
Though your logic is quite amusing
watch me pull down the wall

When there's nobody there and you're hurting
all the pieces will all be gone
You'll stand on your own for the first time
know what I felt for so long

I'd become just another intrusion
you can figure it out for yourself
I'll eliminate all the confusion
I wonder which way you'll fall

When there's nobody there for the whipping
all your weaknesses are exposed
You'll stand on your own for the first time
know what I felt for so long

I never understood it
how we see things so differently
The logic can be amusing
and it's taken a toll on me


All Songs Copyright 2014 Area 5 Music Publishing. ASCAP

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