The Lyrics of Savage Skies

After The Rain

Well the years slip on by, when you struggle you can't see at all
regrettably blind,  can't tell the spring from the fall
all the days are the same, and the nights never end

I kept telling myself, that you were the cause of the pain
My personal hell, and I had to have someone to blame
and it couldn't be me, seems I've lived on my knees

But after the rain, I'm sure I can stand on my own
after the rain, all the fears that I had will be gone
I'm ready for change, and I won't be the same
after the rain

I've spent too much time, fighting for how it should be
a bad state of mind, and I wanted no one to see
the shape I was in, so I learned to pretend

Now I look back,and the wind swept the road I was on
Clear of the past and hold on to nothing that's gone
I had to let go, have to trust the unknown

Chorus repeat

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP

It's My Turn To Fly

Running like the wind without a chance to catch my breath
miles of road behind me never took me anywhere
caught up in a circle of defeat and hidden fears
reaching for the moon to find the way was never clear

Lovers came and went but never filled the void inside
I played by all the rules while living someone else's life
I've felt the pangs of hunger with a chain around my neck
I dragged myself from underneath this heavy burning wreck

It's my turn to fly and I can see the world below
the mysteries of life revealed exposing the unknown
It's my turn to fly and all creation's in my hands
Uncovering the lies and giving me another chance

You cannot make believers out of shallow empty heads
You can't explain a feeling or the tide may turn again
I risk it all to live believing what I cannot see
time will tell if I am wrong but that is up to me

I yell it from the mountaintops do not deny the heart
I tell it to the children be the person that you are
It echoes through the valleys to awaken tired ears
it's never late to waken dreams you hid from all those years

Chorus repeat
Rest your weary soul tonight allow yourself to dream
imagine what it might be like to live inside the scene
In truth the only promise is whatever you decide
Take the chance, you'll understand when that dream becomes your life

Chorus Repeat

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing, ASCAP

It's Up To You

The room is dark, and I finally close my eyes
but racing thoughts, mean that I won't sleep tonight
my heart's with you, and the troubles that you bare,
lost and confused, and you think that no one cares

You've had it rough, God knows that I have been afraid
I've given up, somehow I found the light again
You're not alone, and if you can;t see your way clear,
then you should know, that I will always be right here

If you need to lean on me
when you need to lean on me
When you're haunted by the shadows, missing pieces of your life
I can offer you my love but I cannot change what's inside, It's up to you

Sometimes our truth comes out and it's pulling us away
it comes to life at night and hides behind the day
We missed the boat convinced that what we have is real
but there's no hiding it when this is how you feel

An empty road, and up ahead are all your dreams
and you should know, you'll surely live what you believe
There's just no time, to mourn the past or where you've been
just live your life, and if the shadows come again

Chorus Repeat

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP

I've Got It Bad For You

There must be something that I can say,
tell me what I've got to do,
I'll understand, cause I've got it bad for you

Show me a river in an awful rage
I know that I'd make it through
I'll take a chance, cause I got it bad for you

I been around some and I know the game,
you've heard the lines of a fool
Promises spoken that went up in flames
how do I make them for you?

How do I tell you that I'm the one?
ask and I'll give you the moon
all that I have, cause I got it bad for you

Lead me to heaven take me far away
show me the world in your arms
Love me forever give my heart a place
call and I'll never be far

All the devotion that one man can give
I know that I'll make it through
All that I have, cause I've got it bad for you

Copyright 1992 LRS Music Co. ASCAP

My Reasons Why

Try to hold my head, way up high
sometimes it feels like I, could really fly
That's the feeling I get, when I pray to you
kinda makes my vision of you come true for me

Walking on clouds, I feel the sun
and all those blessings that you've given one like me
given one like me

This old world is spinning way too fast
counting on you for never looking back
Reach my hands up to, touch the sky
and I never, never doubt my reasons why

It kinda gives me some peace of mind
you've never left us so, far behind
That we can't catch up, or heal in part
and all we've got to do is, trust our hearts

Chorus repeat

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing, ASCAP

This Time

A day hasn't broken, when I didn't look for change
worn out from hoping, but still in the same place
I know you've tried to tell me, but listening's hard
when the load gets too heavy, and you've traveled too far

And I can't see a way out, of the man I've become
I've fallen so far down, and I'm too tired to run
And then there's a feeling, outside of the pain
that your love surrounds me, and I'm not afraid

This time I won't forget there's you, waiting for me
you're there no matter what I put you through, and you hold me
This time I won't forget there's you, I'll let you show me the way this time

I'm sorry for thinking, that I was alone
and I'm thankful you saved me, much more than you know
I know there's new life in, the love I denied
You can't win by fighting, what's really inside


Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing, ASCAP

There's No Running From the Night

I know you've tried to hold me
and I'm sure that I've let you down
It's a wonder I still find you here at all

There's no need to worry
when you call you know I'll come around
taking over when your back's against the wall

Or when the night is all around you
and you find yourself here alone
When the dark had finally found you
and your tired of holding on

And there's no running from the night
there's no hiding from the way you feel
And your still running for your life
and the magic seems to disappear

I've taken so many chances
searched the world for what I need
I can't give you up and I won't walk away

And no matter what happens
from a life of chasing dreams
I still need you to believe I'll be back again

Chorus repeat

Copyright 1992 LRS Music Publishing, ASCAP

You Are The One

A thousand years from now, I'd still be trying to find my way
searching for higher ground, I'd still be running from the same mistakes
You make it easy to breathe, you calm the winds and the seas
You are the one

I notice the passing time, and all the stones along the road
I see a world on fire, blue skies are hidden by the smoke
and you paint a picture of peace, you put my poor heart at ease
You are the one

Please take these chains from my heart, and the dark from my eyes
prove that it wasn't in vain, that it took so much time,
You are the one

I run from the days gone by, I stumble tired from the chase
anger has made me blind, the sorrow's etched into my face
and with the gift of a song, I know you were here all along
You are the one

Lee Saldivar C 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing, ASCAP

Thank You

It's been a long long road there was so much I did not know
many lessons learned but I never knew my heart
Far too many rainy days, I couldn't chase the clouds away
I could have come to you and had a brand new start

You are the magic in my life, I am yours and you are mine
how do I repay the wonder that you are

I want to thank you for your kindness and for showing me the truth
thank you for the dreams and all the times when they came true
For all the times you held me when I'd finally had enough
but most of all I thank you for your love

And there may be times when all of the sadness takes me away
I know you'll find me taking the weight out of my hands I know you will
You're never far away

So many have not heard but I will treasure every word
the promise that you made, to believe is to have life
And you'll see it in my son, all the changes have begun
we'll never be the same and we won't need a reason why

Chorus Repeat

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing ASCAP

The Gate

As a boy I saw no life beyond my walls
and every hope I had was challenged by the sword
Baptized in fear and judged I gave myself away
but in my dreams were visions of another place

And here you sit before me quite beside yourself
infected by the thoughts I'd come to know so well
I can tell you that those dreams you've kept inside
hold the magic and the meaning of your life

Go find your reason, find the life that is your truth
you'll feel the passion, whether skies are gray or blue
You have the answer, there's so much more than what you've seen
an ever-after, and it lies beyond the gate of your own mind

It took so long to see and finally turn the page
I'd won and lost so much but nothing ever changed
And there was promise in the words I once condemned
it's in the faith I claim to have that I'll live again

And though there may be times when you'll feel like giving up
there's nothing stronger than the power of my love
I'll hold you closely even when I'm nowhere near
and if you listen close, the only words you'll hear

Chorus repeat
The choice is simple, give your soul to someone else
or live your purpose, and finally wear the dream yourself
It always matters when your heart is on the line
you'll take some chances but you'll have to search to find...


Lee Saldivar C 2011 Meridian Music, ASCAP

Savage Skies

Under the darkness of an endless night
lie the ruins of a perfect life,
where everything I ever called my own
has disappeared and now I stand alone
All that I have is a constant fear, and I'm drowning in memories

Every mistake I ever made remains
every belief I held has been betrayed
Who can remove the dagger from my heart
how do I go on without a place start
Is this a game that I can never win, I'm drowning in misery

Then comes the thunder of your savage skies,
they fill your ocean from a river of lies
You take me down where I must bare my soul
and I cannot go home again
There's no difference between heaven and hell,
I'm down to nothing but the story I tell
I did believe it once upon a time, but all my faith has washed away with the tide, under savage skies

My eyes saw nothing but my shaking hands
I begged for someone who might understand
I heard voices that spoke perfectly
I couldn't see but I could feel them near
nowhere to run from here, I must let go to survive

I'd clung too tightly to the things I knew,
I trusted only in what I'd been through
Now I can clearly see the prison I'd made
In my own pity I was lord and slave
And now the walls have given way to the light, and my life

Then comes the thunder of your savage skies
You've filled an ocean from the tears that we've cried
with the rains you washed the sins from my soul
so I could go home again
And the difference between heaven and hell
was the stories that I chose to tell
Now your love for me cannot be denied
You make me new with every raging tide, and your savage skies

Copyright 2011 Area 5 Music Publishing, ASCAP