Lee and Marty working out keyboard parts in the studio

The Long and Winding Road

     Well, this past year has been one of the longest studio runs on record for the group, with inevitable changes in personnel, musical considerations, and a host of obligations both in business and personal. Usually the studio can be a sort of retreat from the outside world - but take too long to finish a project that's overdue and the normal stresses that occur with scheduling players in, and production mishaps, and it just takes it all out of you. Suffice it to say, the thing you are most passionate about can become very - well, not so much fun, at least in the studio.

     As of this writing, we've booked three nights of recording this week with Dobro/Blues-harpist Dan McDowell and newbie Bruno Andradi, a young guitarist/background vocalist from Brazil. Meanwhile there's the old slug-fest with registrations, Website mods and updates, new photos, video, social media updating, test-mixing, and the like - all the things that take the piss out of you. But, that's the game yeah? Yeah. So, the E.P. that's overdue by a couple of months is three weeks to completion, and we can breathe, and you, can here what we've been up to. I'll keep you posted and in the meanwhile - drop me a line! I love hearing from you all, and I thank you for your support and patience!


Lee Record 9 Got Musical or Vocal Chops?

     We'll be busy the next few months also putting together an acoustic show that we hope to promote, finally giving us a chance to get back on a stage - it's been a long haul. Of course, live performances with a full electrified band are also in the future, we'll be looking for a few musicians to join up for that this autumn we hope, once the new album is completed. Interested parties, especially qualified drummers are encouraged to send us their info which should include a demo, or links to their work. We will be listing the slots we need to fill in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, interested parties should email us immediately at:

     We're always on the lookout for singers as well, those folks' should be flexible enough to sing material similar to Meridian 65's work, i.e., Pop, Alternative Rock, Country Pop, Jazz, etc. Sorry we do not do any of the metal stuff or rap.  That means, that we would like to find the right artist that we can develop independently, not necessarily as an integral part of M65. That vocalist should be  an open-minded individual who's secure with their ability as a singer but hasn't advanced to the helium-head stage. We're not necessarily looking for songwriters but if you write, we'll consider that. Send us an email to: with an MP3 demo or links to your work. We'd also like some basic info such as age, experience level, etc., and a photo.

     Your demo does not have to be a polished work, any sort of recording will be fine, we want to hear a raw audio or video. Be sure to put "Musician an/or Vocalist Demo" in the subject line. And please, if we think you're a possibility, we'll contact you so be patient for a response.